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Easy memory - The MEMOry Game - Home Page

Easy MEMOry - The memory game

Easy MEMOry - The memory game - Home Page

What is Easy MEMOry: It is not a simple memory game - it's the most effective concentration game of all times.
Of course, like any concentration game, you have to find pairs of identical cards.
- you can also play friends, computer or even your youngest kids.
- you can increase the difficulty and make groups of three or more identical cards.
- you can play online memory game and enter Hall of Fame.
- you can download add-on games sets. (more than 136 available today)
- you can create your own games sets.
- as Easy MEMOry is a freeware, download it and play this free memory game.

Easy MEMOry - the memory game screenshot Kids can play with animal cards, Digimon cards, Pokemon cards or large Disney cards. Improve your memory by playing with your favourite pictures. You can play from the age of 3 to 103. Send your own sets to me, I will then add them to the site.

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day - Home Page

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day - Home Page

Chess Problems Archives screenshot Like chess ? Well, then I've got something that's right up your street. Everyday you'll find a new chess problem on Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day. Visit this site daily before or after work and try to solve the chess problem of the day. Different levels of difficulties are available ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). A solution to the problem will be made available the next day. Archives of problems over the last 10 days can be consulted.

This website offers you a new chess problem every day. For each problem a group of stars show you the difficulty of the chess problem. If there is only one star it is a very easy problem.

If you can't solve the chess problem of the day come back the next day and go on to the Yesterday item to find the solution.

Do you want informations and figures about Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day? The first chess problem was published on October 16, 2000. On April 6, 2012 we have published 4190 chess problems from checkmate in 1 to checkmate in 6.

More, we compiled for you news from the chess world. We used several chess sources, so you are sure to find here the latest chess news.

We published PGN grandmaster files sorted by opening (ECO code) or player name and chess articles (including ones with theoretical opening discoveries).

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